Green Line Senior Care

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Holistic Therapy treats you-not the disease

Holistic Therapy is a gentle and compassionate form of therapy that helps you to understand your current physical and emotional state, recognize the habits, wrong thoughts in order to cope with your difficulties when you feel the need for support and assistance.

How you understand your problems has an effect on how you cope with them.

Working together, step by step, we will identify your feelings, observe your emotions, assess your body and mind functions.  We will look at five aspects of your life, where your thoughts, physical reaction, mood, behavior and environment are involved. You will understand that even small changes in your thinking are often most important if you want to improve your life.


You will learn to develop new strengths from your weaknesses, find the seeds of failure within what you consider to be your strengths.

Once you will manage to achieve a true and unbiased knowledge of yourself, of both your strengths and weaknesses, and how they affect your future, you will be on the path to long-lasting success.

We will use mindfulness as a meditative process for your body awareness that will allow you to view your own thoughts and behavior from a compassionate perspective. Focusing on the specific techniques, we will facilitate your self-discovery, improve your emotional well-being, deepen the sense of spirituality, increasing the whole healing process.

You will discover a new way of living, where you acknowledge the interrelationship between mind, body, and spiritual role they play in recovery and healing. You will understand that your body takes instructions from your mind.


Everything you need to know in order to educate your soul and find your path is a present, even if it is not immediately apparent.

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